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5 Best Practices: Custom Software Development For New Business

5 Best Practices: Custom Software Development For New Business

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Tips To Know Before You Hire Offshore Software Development Company

Creating a personalized software solution for a new enterprise is different from building one for an established business. If you want to hire offshore software development company for your startup, then you must read this article before doing so. New entrepreneurs have understood that creating a personalized solution is a better option than using off the shelf products. But custom software development for new business can be a challenging task. There is no pre-existing template or a strong reference point for the new application. Moreover, the high aspirations of the client and budgetary restraints can make the task more challenging. That is why being aware of the best practices related to software development will be an advantage. It will allow you to better plan a project and organize its workflows. Here are some development best practices that must be followed while building a personalized software application.

1. Identify The Right Framework For Software Development

One of the most basic but important decisions that you have to make at the outset is the selection of the right framework. It is the platform on which professionals can create programs with the specific functionality that you require. A wrong choice can easily hamper your productivity by slowing down the speed of the development. It will also affect the efficiency of your professional team. The framework contains compiler and code libraries that will be used in the creation of the application. You need to hire custom software development service company that has significant experience in the domain. The agency will choose a platform with multiple modules that can function out of the box. It will also identify a framework that will enable you to deploy the application as quickly as possible.

2. Choose A Cloud-based Server For Development

The server is another key resource for development that must be given a lot of thought. Instead of investing in an on-site facility, you must use a cloud-based server for development. There are various advantages of making such a selection. First, you can easily scale up the resources if a need arises, without making huge infrastructural changes. You only have to give the necessary directions to the service provider. Secondly, contrary to popular belief, cloud-based servers are secure and will ensure that you never lose your valuable data. Service providers are offering different types of models that can be used to create a specific development environment that you require. Finally, offshore development companies are preferring cloud-based services because of their cost-efficient nature.

3. Include Software Analytical Tools In Your Development Process

Performance analysis of your software during the development will help you in creating a highly-efficient product. There are software analytical tools available that enable professionals in getting a comprehensive overview of their application’s functioning. Using tools for software analysis is different from traditional debugging. You do not need to stop and start systems to rectify problems and can monitor the complete flow of the application without any interruption. This will give you an insight into how different pieces of code are being executed and identify the bottlenecks in the workflow. When you hire offshore software development company for the project, ask it to use analytical tools for evaluating the performance of the application.

4. Break Up Your Project In Short-duration Milestones

Breaking up your project in small modules that can be completed in two to three weeks is a best practice that must be followed by everyone interested in custom software development for new business. Creating a unique application for your enterprise is an extensive task and it can be difficult to maintain the same efficiency levels throughout the project. When you divide the assignment into short-duration modules, it allows you to manage things easily. You can also keep track of the different objectives of the project in a better manner. Moreover, it allows an offshore custom software development agency to maintain discipline. Remember that each short-term iteration must have a clear objective so that you encounter minimum errors and avoid random development.

5. Make Improvements Based On User Feedback

It does not matter whether you are building the application for providing client-facing functionality or conducting in-house operations, you must have a provision for generating user feedback. Every application is based on extensive pre-development research where end-users’ opinions are considered. But rarely do offshore development agencies ask for feedback unless there is a huge problem being faced by the users. Make sure that you have a facility for gathering the response to the first version of your application. This will help you in removing any inconsistencies and creating a better variant.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Offshore Software Development Company For New Businesses?

Following these best practices for custom software development for new business will be helpful in creating an enterprise-grade application. You will have to either appoint an in-house team or engage a professional agency to take full advantage of these best practices. If you want to hire offshore software development company then you must consider SDLC Infotech. It is the best offshore software development company in India and is the first choice of numerous overseas enterprises. Here are a few reasons why new businesses prefer SDLC Infotech over other agencies.

1. Expert Team Of Seasoned Developers

Organizations that want to hire dedicated development team to create unique software applications contact SDLC Infotech because it has a strong team of seasoned professionals. Each developer at the agency has vast experience of working on different types of software development assignments. They are knowledgeable about all the major development platforms, tools, and techniques that are essential for building a targeted solution.

2. Seamless Communication To Build Strong Client-Agency Partnerships

SDLC Infotech knows that overseas companies looking to outsource software development are concerned about the quality of the communication. The custom software development service company uses modern tools to keep in touch with clients. It assigns dedicated project managers to handle every assignment. These professionals convey all the important details to the clients and coordinate their communication with the development teams.

3. Offshore Software Development Services At Reasonable Rates

SDLC Infotech offers top-class offshore software solutions at affordable rates. The company uses the latest project management techniques and time management tactics to ensure optimum productivity. This allows the offshore software development agency to finish projects on time while making efficient use of the available resources.

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