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Best Software Development Companies to Look Forward In 2021

5 Best Software Development Companies to Look Forward In 2021

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Every enterprise, from a startup to a large corporation, is looking to harness the power of digital for their growth. Software development is on top of their requirements list as the applications can help them in easing workflows and simplifying operations. The question that now arises is how do you find the best software development companies for this purpose? Researching the internet and asking for referrals are two of the usual ways to find the best software development company in India or the world. We make your task easier by presenting a list of the top software development agencies that you can approach in 2021. All the organizations mentioned here are not large in size but their services are at par with well-known agencies in the domain. These companies are ideal for small firm owners looking for cost-effective but high-quality solutions as well as big businesses that desire innovative applications.

1. SDLC Infotech

SDLC Infotech has earned a strong reputation as a trustworthy custom web development company within a short span of time. The organization possesses great expertise in building truly unique web applications. It is routinely approached by clients interested in e-commerce web and app development. The agency is regarded as the best offshore web development company by numerous overseas clients. Apart from websites, the agency is proficient in developing custom applications such as CRM, HRMS, and portals. The organization has devised an innovative working methodology to complete project milestones promptly and deliver projects on time. SDLC Infotech is also considered the best digital marketing agency in India due to the effective assistance it provides in SEO, social media marketing, SMO, etc. The company has the capability of handling complex projects and must be considered by small as well as large enterprises.

2. Advaya Infotech

Before entering the field of software solutions services, Advaya Infotech made a name for itself in the domain of IT staffing in the USA. It is still a major player in the staff augmentation industry and has expanded its footprint to the software development industry. The organization uses cutting edge technology to craft innovative applications. Every product is built exactly according to the client’s specifications. The experience gained by the agency in offering consulting services and project management assistance has helped it deliver top-grade applications to numerous clients across the world. The software solutions company has a skilled workforce that is adept at using major technological platforms. It is also known for creating high-quality artificial intelligence, AI-based applications for different types of user environments.

3. Bitacube Software

The next name on our list of the best software development companies is Bitacube Software. The software development agency has created a series of robust mail server migration tools. The applications help users in converting OST files to the PST format and migrating Thunderbird to Outlook besides other conversions. It also offers data recovery solutions to businesses and has helped numerous enterprises retrieve their valuable information. The organization has started providing software development services in India and abroad. It is known for creating fully personalized CRM applications as well as custom websites. It is a relatively new agency but is adept at handling all the key technologies such as .NET and PHP besides CMS platforms.

4. Zaplogix Software

Zaplogix Software is another software development company India that offers mail server migration and data recovery applications. Apart from converting OST to PST, the agency offers a tool to repair corrupt and inaccessible PST files. The agency has diversified into the field of custom software development. It has built a range of custom web applications for a variety of enterprises located in diverse industries. Its clients are spread across the globe and high-quality services have helped Zaplogix earn the reputation of being the best offshore web development company in the eyes of its clientele. The organization has a team of experienced coders who are proficient at using PHP and .NET to build applications such as CRM, LMS, and HRMS.

5. JLSR Infotech

Are you looking for innovative software development solutions within a reasonable budget? Then you can hire JLSR Infotech for the purpose. The company has dedicated teams for developing web applications as well as solutions such as CRM software. Every software developer at the agency is a master at harnessing technologies such as PHP and .NET to develop focused applications. The software development services company has an impressive track record of delivering numerous projects to local and global clients. JLSR Infotech uses a well-organized working methodology to complete all the iterative tasks of the development process, quickly. This helps the organization in completing project milestones on schedule and ensuring timely product delivery. The agency is a good choice for entrepreneurs who do not have large budgets but desire to hire an experienced development team.

Final Word

All the organizations mentioned here are known for high-quality work and on-time product delivery. None of them is currently ranked as the best software development company in the world but all of them are masters of their respective fields and enjoy a solid reputation among their clientele. Each of them has a handpicked team of coders who have extensive experience in the field. They are not afraid of taking up challenging projects and have delivered innovative products to various clients across the world. Whether you are a B2B entrepreneur or a B2C business owner, you can hire any of these software development agencies in India to acquire top-class solutions.

Author Bio

Amritesh is an expert digital marketer who has been associated with the web and software development industry for the past ten years. He is an avid blogger and technology lover who loves to connect with other geeks on social media. Join him on LinkedIn and Twitter to exchange ideas with him and read more such articles.

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