5 Best WordPress Schema Plugins to Boost Your SEO Program

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Have you seen some search results in SERPs (search engine results pages) that show some extra information? These are rich snippets that are helpful to users as they get to know some additional details without clicking on a result. You must be wondering how these snippets are included on a results page. No one knows how exactly search engines like Google finalize their results but in this post, we are presenting some tools that will improve your chances of targeting rich snippets. Here is a list of the best WordPress schema plugins that can give a boost to your SEO campaign. If you have a website built on the CMS, then you can use any of these tools. Every business looks to hire the best digital marketing company India as expert professionals can be of great value to a promotional campaign. Even if you have a top marketing team by your side, adding these plugins will be helpful.

What Is Schema Markup?

You now know what are rich snippets and before we discuss the plugins, let’s learn a bit about schema markup. When you create content, it is easy for human users to differentiate between the various elements. For instance, when you write that “product A is available for $5 at location X”, search engine bots can find it difficult to process the information. Adding schema markup for all the details like price and location helps search engines in understanding the information in a better manner. If your product has good reviews and star ratings, then you can also display them by including the relevant schema. The plugins mentioned here make this technical process easy for users.

1. Schema Pro

You can automate the process of integrating markup on your website by using the Schema Pro plugin. The product supports 13 types of schema that include markup for product, review, and local business. If you want to promote software applications, then you can add reviews and ratings to make them more appealing to prospective customers. Similarly, food bloggers can add the recipe schema to generate cards that can increase their click-through rate. The plugin has an efficient code and it will not bloat your website. It is a paid product that is available in two plans that are aimed at individual and agency users. The plugin is routinely recommended by agencies like the best offshore web development company to clients who acquire websites built with the CMS.

2. WP Review Pro

People like to check out the reviews and ratings of different product or service options before making the final buying decision. You can leverage the feedback of your products/ services by activating the WP Review Pro plugin on your website. It supports 19 types of rich snippets and has 16 readymade templates that you can use for displaying the reviews. The product also supports Google Places Reviews Integration. It is compatible with all the major WordPress themes and you can ask the custom web development company that you have hired to seamlessly install and activate the tool.

3. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

The next name on our list of the best WordPress schema plugins is All In One Schema Rich Snippets. It is a free product that can be helpful in boosting your CTR by displaying details like price, ratings, images, etc. It is a good tool for individual users who do not want a solution with too many options. The plugin will not provide you with multiple templates and show all the information in a basic layout. If you are hiring an e-commerce web development company India to build your online store, then you may not like the product. But if you are not looking for something fancy, then you must use this plugin.

4. WPSSO Core

The WPSSO Core is another open-source solution that can enable you to integrate schema markup and advanced meta tags into your search results. The plugin can be used to provide accurate information about your web pages to search engines as well as social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It can also be sued to provide correct details of your pages to messaging apps. Once you activate the tool, it reads all your content including posts and pages and automatically generates the markup and meta tags. Its free and multi-platform compatible nature makes it an ideal choice for amateurs as well as professionals at agencies like an offshore company for SEO.

5. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

The WP SEO Structured Data Schema is another handy tool to leverage the power of structured data for your website. It is a free product that enables users to add all the main schema markups to their websites. It supports the schema for local businesses, organizations, reviews, ratings, blogs, news, videos, and many more. The tool also has a paid version that includes some additional features. The pro variant has support for some more markup types. It is also compatible with WordPress multisite installations.

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2. Updated Knowledge Of Industry Best Practices

Every SEO consultant, marketer, and coder at the web development and digital marketing company keeps track of the latest developments in his/ her domain. They are knowledgeable about the latest tools and techniques that can ease their workflow. They also have updated information about the best practices in their industry. This enables the company to create high-quality and focused solutions for its clients.

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