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5 Best Zoho CRM Development Agencies In India

5 Best Zoho CRM Development Agencies In India

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Customer Relationship Management software popularly known as CRM has become a major requirement for every enterprise. In this post, we are presenting a list of the best Zoho CRM development agencies in India. This will help you in identifying the best service providers for building your customized application. Zoho CRM is an award-winning product that can be used by all types of businesses to manage their customer on-boarding and retention initiatives. It contains a variety of helpful features that are effective in streamlining business functions. However, you will need to engage reliable development agencies to customize the software for your purpose. Only then will you be able to leverage the potential of the application for your benefit.

What Is Zoho CRM?

Before we discuss the best agencies that specialize in Zoho CRM solution development, it will be pertinent to know a little bit about the platform itself. Zoho CRM can be described as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that enables enterprises to manage functions related to marketing, sales, and customer service from a single place. The software comes in various editions, each one containing a different set of modules. This allows businesses to select the edition that contains all the features that they require. This also makes the application ideal for all kinds of enterprises including large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses.

Best Companies To Hire For Zoho CRM Development In India

It’s now time to know about the top service providers for customizing the efficient application.

1. SDLC Infotech

We begin this list with SDLC Infotech, a leading custom web and software development company in India. The organization is also known for providing high-quality services in mobile app development and digital marketing. You can connect with this one-stop shop for all types of digital services including Zoho CRM customization. The organization has a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in working on the platform. They can customize the system at all possible levels keeping in mind the proficiency of the application’s users at your enterprise. The experts are skilled at identifying the iterative processes within your sales initiative and automating them easily. They will also ensure the security of your valuable data with user roles-based data permissions, IP-level restrictions, and two-factor authentication. SDLC Infotech offers one of the best CRM software development services for building focused applications.

2. Vervelogic

Another top CRM development company that provides specialized services for the Zoho platform is Vervelogic. The agency is skilled at expanding the capabilities of the application by creating extensions that seamlessly work with third-party services and ease your workflow. It is also proficient at building solutions for different industries. These applications contain industry-specific modules that a user based in that vertical requires. The product is fully personalized by integrating the user’s branding elements. Another handy service offered by the company is using REST APIs to connect Zoho’s applications with your existing infrastructure. This ensures in making your business data as well as helpful services, accessible to all the relevant users. The agency offers round the clock support to all clients and communicates with them through the latest tools.

3. Rave Digital

Rave Digital is one of the best Zoho CRM development agencies in India. It is home to some of the best consultants in the business. These professionals are skilled at leveraging the proprietary platform for the benefit of your business. They are adept at creating functions aimed at improving the productivity of your inside sales and marketing teams. The experts at the agency have customized numerous solutions on the Zoho platform and implemented them successfully in different environments. They have devised innovative solutions like integrating the customers, products, and orders of an e-commerce website with the CRM. They have also built advanced campaign analysis and reporting features and woven them into the applications.

4. Zaplogix

Zaplogix is another top custom CRM development company that can create next-generation applications based on the Zoho platform. They have a dedicated team of developers with insightful knowledge of CRM development and immense experience. The consultants at the company discuss the nature of solutions that a client requires and suggests the best modules for the purpose. They then customize all the features according to the client’s requirements. The advisers are proficient at implementing an application in the client’s user environment. Users can easily get a software tool with personalized fields, layout, and reports. A dedicated team of developers, consultants, and administrators are always on standby to help clients who need assistance with an application. Zaplogix enables you to explore endless possibilities on the Zoho platform.

5. Digi Interface

Digi Interface is a renowned CRM application development company with an experienced team of software developers. These professionals have worked extensively on the Zoho suite and are experts at achieving stunning customization of CRM applications. They have the necessary skill set to integrate the software with third-party platforms. Their insightful knowledge of architecture allows them to create improvised workflows and deployment plans. This helps in boosting the productivity of your entire workforce. The company has handled numerous CRM customization projects based on the Zoho environment with varying levels of complexity. The agency is routinely approached by clients in India and abroad for devising innovative applications. You can also hire the agency for creating flexible solutions for your specific needs.

Wrapping Up

All the companies mentioned in this list are some of the best Zoho CRM development agencies in India. These service providers have teams of accomplished software developers with in-depth experience of the domain. It is hard to choose between all the above firms but if you are looking for a service provider with expertise that can offer a cost-efficient solution, then you must contact SDLC Infotech. It is a well-established custom CRM software development company that is capable of building applications not only on Zoho but also on a range of other platforms. It is also able to offer its services at economical rates because of its use of a structured approach to software development. This allows the agency to optimize its resources and maximize their potential.

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Amritesh is a digital marketing expert with a keen interest in custom web and software development. He regularly explores different facets of the industry through social media posts and blogs. You can share your views on tech-related topics with him and read more such posts by connecting with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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