5 Best SEO Tools In 2021 To Boost Your Rankings

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Search engine optimization forms the cornerstone of every organization’s digital marketing strategy. Online search engines are the most popular resources for discovering relevant information. It does not matter whether you are looking for a food recipe or the best digital marketing agency in India, the instinctive reaction is to conduct an online search. Since businesses can get in front of potential customers on internet-based search platforms, SEO has become a key part of their marketing plan. Search platforms are constantly modifying their algorithms and the preferences of audiences also keep changing from time to time. This is where analytics becomes useful as it helps us gain insight into our target audience’s behavior. In this article, we are discussing the best SEO tools in 2020 that will enable you to better understand your customers’ mindset and boost your rankings.

1. Ahrefs

One of the best solutions that you can use to get an insightful overview of your SEO campaign is Ahrefs. This comprehensive suite of SEO solutions will give you access to solutions for discovering keywords, auditing your website, and tracking your website rankings. Apart from this, it also provides you with a site explorer that analyzes website traffic and backlink profile. This feature helps in conducting an extensive competitor analysis which is the foundation of any optimization strategy. Webmasters use the tool to monitor their entities’ rankings and compare them with the rivals’ performance. Ahrefs is also a good resource for unearthing and evaluating the best content in your segment. Ask the best SEO agency in India and chances are it will be using the tool to ease its workflow.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a good resource with incredible features that are a hit with digital marketing services professionals. It can be used to generate a range of analytics reports including analyses for keyword and website traffic. You can discover key phrases for organic as well as PPC campaigns and use the solution to evaluate backlinks and rivals’ display adverts. The product has a handy feature of side-by-side competitor analysis that smoothens the strategizing process. Its writing assistant feature enables an SEO consultant to optimize content and enhance its readability. The solution is also effective in tracking website positions and analyzing the performance of social media marketing campaigns.

3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is another robust product that is being used by professional entities such as an offshore company for SEO. The keyword explorer offered by the tool accurately calculates the search volume and competition of a term. This helps in selecting only the best phrases for your campaign. Users can sort, compare, and arrange their chosen terms based on valuable metrics. The tool generates a search visibility score that gives you a comprehensive overview of your rankings for the targeted keywords. Moz Pro is a handy solution for discovering and fixing crawling issues. The paid solution is also helpful in assessing the quality of your own and your competitors’ websites.

4. SpyFu

Are you in search of a simple and easy to use solution to track your SEO campaign? Then you must give a try to SpyFu. This effective product has features for conducting an in-depth evaluation of competitor domains and identifying the best keywords for your program. You can keep a close watch on your selected terms’ rankings through customized reports. Users who are interested in running paid search advert campaigns can use SpyFu to find the right keywords for the purpose. The solution also gives access to AdWords templates that can be easily imported. Many SEO consultant service professionals speak highly of the tool.

5. Serpstat

The final name on our list of the best SEO tools in 2020 is that of Serpstat. It is a powerful solution that allows you to explore the full potential of search analytics. It will help you identify your top organic competitors and their rankings for different keywords. You can use the product to keep track of your own rankings as well. Serpstat is helpful in researching the paid search advertising campaigns of your rivals and create your own program for targeting specific locations. The solution can be used to find new content ideas by analyzing the search suggestions and track a post’s shares on your Facebook profile.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best SEO Agency To Work With These Tools?

All the solutions discussed here are top-quality products that enable you to accurately measure the effectiveness of an SEO program. However, it can be quite difficult for an entrepreneur to explore the full potential of the tools. Business owners have to take care of multiple tasks at once and analyzing their SEO campaign will only increase their burden. That is why a professional entity is required to track and measure optimization programs.

SDLC Infotech is an offshore company for SEO that is considered the best digital marketing company India by numerous satisfied clients. The agency is the best option to hire for your organization and perfect for leveraging these tools for your brand’s benefit. Here are a few notable features of the organization that is also known as the best offshore web development company.

1. Equally Capable Of Running Organic And Paid Campaigns

SDLC Infotech has earned a name as the best company for SEO because of its proficiency in running organic as well as paid campaigns. Brands looking for long-term benefits hire it to run organic campaigns while businesses interested in quick, short-term gains engage the organization for managing PPC campaigns.

2. Experienced Professionals With An Eye For Details

Every SEO consultant at the digital marketing agency has significant experience in the field. The company has chosen only those professionals who are masters at evaluating analytics reports and can present a new perspective on a project.

3. Adept At Using All Types Of Tools

In order to bring the best out of a tool, it must be used by an expert professional. SDLC Infotech makes sure that every expert at the SEO agency knows about the latest tools and analytics solutions. The organization runs intensive training programs so that its professionals become familiar with the tools and use them to derive actionable insights.

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