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Are You Looking For An Ecommerce Web Development Company India?

A study estimates that out of the global population of more than 7 billion people, over 2 billion will conduct online shopping at least once by the end of 2020. Does the statistic prompt you to search for an ecommerce web development company India to build an online store? Then you are not the only entrepreneur to think this way. Many investors are choosing the e-commerce route to start new business ventures. A large number of traditional bricks and mortar establishments are also investing in digital stores to expand their customer base. The success of the enterprise depends upon a range of factors the most important of which is the selection of the right development partner.

Here Are Some Powerful Tips To Find The Right Development Agency

1. Identify Your E-commerce Project’s Specific Requirements

Before starting the search for ecommerce development agency in India, it will be pertinent to understand the specific requirements of your project. Think about the design and the layout of the new website. You must also decide on the key functionalities of the store. Find out about the likes and dislikes of your target audiences to choose design elements and features. You can also look at competitor websites to spot some good ideas. Make sure that you keep things simple for shoppers and eliminate unnecessary options. Once you have listed all your requirements, you will be able to estimate a budget for the project.

2. Identify A Suitable Development Platform

Your next step must be to identify a suitable platform for developing the website. In case, you have perfectly identified the set of required design features and functionalities, then you will not encounter many difficulties in choosing the right platform. Business owners can either choose native technologies such as PHP and .NET to create a custom website or opt for CMS such as Drupal and Magento to build their store. Every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and you must assess every aspect carefully before making the final decision. The choice of the platform will also dictate the type of ecommerce development company you will have to hire for building the website.

3. Assess The Expertise Of The Agency

The proper identification of requirements and development platform will enable you to prepare a shortlist of suitable agencies. In order to identify the right ecommerce development company India from that list, you will have to assess the expertise of each agency. Find out about the kind of experience that the developers of the company possess. Ask for portfolios to see the type of online stores they have created. Look for websites that are similar to the ones you desire to build. You can also ask an expert to evaluate the quality of the work and the complexity of the stores created by the agencies.

4. Decide On A Suitable Pricing Model

There are various pricing models that ecommerce development companies India use while billing clients. There are two main modes namely, fixed price and time and material. In a fixed-price arrangement, a price is agreed upon by the client and the developers right at the outset. It is the developer’s duty to complete the project within the pre-decided sum that is specified in the contract. This model will be ideal if your project has a limited scope with clear requirements. A time and material contract is based upon the actual resources exhausted during the development process. The company will charge you according to the number of resources and hours it assigned to your project. This method will be suitable if the scope of your project is unclear and the requirements are dynamic.

5. Evaluate The Development Partner’s Communication Skills

Effective communication holds the key to the successful completion of the project. It will be sensible to evaluate the communication skills of the ecommerce solutions company during the initial discussions. Check their turnaround time while responding to your queries. Ask them about the technology tools they will use to communicate with you. It will also be pertinent to ask the agency whether a full-time project manager will be assigned to your task or not. Choose an agency that is giving the same priority to smooth communication as you are.

6. Select A Company That Offers Good Support Services

Your online store will require effective support and maintenance after its launch. An application can develop issues once it is launched in the live environment. Moreover, updates are launched for different technical components of the store that can also create some glitches. Partnering with an ecommerce website design and development company that offers high-quality support and maintenance services will be helpful. The agency will keep a close watch on your store and handle all the issues promptly to ensure your business remains unaffected.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best E-commerce Web Development Company In India?

The tips discussed in this article will help you find the right development partner for your web-building project. If you are looking for a quick and effective solution, then you can hire SDLC Infotech which is considered as the best ecommerce web development company India by numerous entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why you must team up with the agency for developing your online store.

1. Dedicated Team Of Expert E-commerce Developers

SDLC Infotech has hired some of the best ecommerce website developers in India. The agency has a strong team of professionals who are well versed in technologies such as PHP and .NET. These coders are proficient in using different frameworks based on the technologies. The company also has developers who are adept at building robust online stores on platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Drupal, and WordPress.

2. Excellent Support And Maintenance Service For Online Store Owners

SDLC infotech is regarded as the best offshore company for ecommerce development by numerous overseas clients because of its high-quality support services. The agency uses the latest tools to communicate with clients and resolve the issues to make sure their business is running smoothly.

3. Choice Of Flexible Pricing Models

This ecommerce development company in India offers flexible pricing models to clients. This allows all types of entrepreneurs to get access to to-class online stores at reasonable rates. The clients can choose a model that suits their project scope, requirements, and budget.

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