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How RankBrain Impacts Your Website Optimization

Google is the world’s most popular search engine capturing about 88% of the total market share. You can gauge its dominance from the fact that googling is actually considered as a word by some top dictionaries of the world. It has become second nature for us to log on to the search engine to look up for any kind of information. Have you ever wondered how sometimes it throws up accurate results even if the query was vague? This is possible largely because of a path-breaking system that the search engine giant uses as part of its algorithm. The system named RankBrain affects your website optimization while providing accurate results to users. It has been just over 4 years since the search market leader officially declared that it was using the system. Since then it has completely transformed the search landscape and forced people like SEO consultants In India and elsewhere to change their approach.

What Is RankBrain

RankBrain is a machine learning-powered intelligent system that is part of the algorithm used by Google to sort search results. It was included in the Hummingbird update that the search engine was using since 2013 and which was designed for understanding each word in a query in a better manner. This was done to comprehend what a searcher was exactly trying to achieve through his/ her query. According to research, 15% of all the searches handled by the world’s number 1 search resource, are completely unique. Google needed a system that would help it identify patterns in a totally new query and link it to other queries for generating accurate results. This is where RankBrain proves its utility for the search giant.

How RankBrain Does Its Work

Before the innovative machine learning-based system came into the picture, Google was simply matching keywords to arrive at its results. While this approach was helping it to beat its rivals, it was not fully effective in providing the best results all the time. The issue became more serious when it was handling a completely unique query. RankBrain transformed the SEO consultant service industry by doing two things:

1. Understanding Searcher’s Intent

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to train itself. When it encounters an unseen term, it matches the word with the keywords it has encountered before. The idea behind the entire exercise is to understand the searcher’s exact intent. Let’s say you search for a product built by a particular manufacturer. In case, if it is a fairly new item, there may not be too much information available online. However, if there are numerous searches for another popular product, then the system can match the two things to provide results about the new item. RankBrain enables Google to understand the intention of a searcher. This means that a manipulative SEO agency cannot simply stuff keywords to rank their websites.

2. Measuring User Satisfaction

The other thing the machine learning-based system does is measure user satisfaction. This is a key aspect in understanding how RankBrain affects your website optimization. It is essential for Google to know whether the results presented after the processing done by its innovative tool are helpful or not. RankBrain looks at the click-through rate of the results along with the dwell time of the user on that page. It also checks whether users are indulging in pogo-sticking or not. Pogo-sticking is when searchers jump from one result to another to find the information they require. These vital user experience signals tell the search engine of the accuracy of the displayed results and enable it to measure user satisfaction.

How To Optimize Your Website For RankBrain

Google itself admitted that RankBrain is its third-most important ranking factor. The search giants uses more than 200 signals to finalize its SERP positions. This should be reason enough for digital marketing services consultants to start advising their clients to align their websites to the intelligent system. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to optimize your website for RankBrain.

1. Include Medium Tail Keywords In Your SEO Strategy

It was common to see website owners optimizing a single page for one specific keyword. Even the best SEO agency In India would advise you to adopt the tactic. RankBrain has improved Google’s ability to understand similar long-tail keywords. It can identify the variations of the same phrase and present the same results for each one of them. In such a scenario, it will be best to adopt the middle path and discard long tail and short keywords in favor of medium tail terms. Optimizing for such keywords will cause RankBrain to rank your page for those specific terms and other related phrases as well.

2. Optimize Titles and Descriptions According To User Intent

Attention-grabbing headlines always work and a similar strategy needs to be adopted by SEO consultants. However, instead of trying to capture the attention, they must optimize titles for the exact emotion of users. RankBrain tries to identify a user’s intent and matching your title with that will help your page to gain better positions. Use the same technique to optimize your meta descriptions. Include words that communicate to users that you have the information they require. This will encourage them to click your link and improve your website’s authority. There is another handy tip that you can use. Run searches related to your website and see the frequently-used terms in paid search ads’ copy. Then include those phrases in your description apart from the keyword you are targeting. This will optimize your titles and descriptions for a RankBrain-powered Google.

3. Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your Pages

As mentioned before, RankBrain uses dwell time to assess user satisfaction. You must ensure that the bounce rate of your pages is in the low ranges. Include your valuable content in the above the fold section of your pages. Make the text readable and do not add a lengthy introduction. Create informative, long-form content but break it down into smaller pieces to make it easily readable. All these tactics will encourage users to spend more time on your pages and this will positively impact your rankings. You must hire an SEO expert to evaluate your website and make the necessary changes.


RankBrain is an effort by Google to provide accurate results to its users. Website owners must adapt their content as well as their optimization strategy to this innovative system. They must engage a professional SEO consultant service to devise an effective plan to optimize their website. SDLC Infotech is a leading digital marketing services firm that has built up a good reputation as the best company for SEO in India. You can get in touch with the firm to get advice from top SEO experts and leverage RankBrain for your benefit.

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