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Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Business Revenue Through Mobile Apps

Last year mobile apps were downloaded 194 billion times by smartphone users across the world. While games remain the most downloaded application-type on iOS and Android stores, business-centric products are not far behind. According to a study, personal finance apps grew by an average of 28% in 2018. This is just one example of how people are also interested in business-oriented mobile products. Enterprises are looking to hire the best mobile app development agencies in India to create powerful mobility solutions for their business. They want to use these applications for achieving various objectives like boosting user engagement and generating more sales. In this post, we are discussing some effective ways to increase your business revenue through mobile apps. When you create an application it adds to your investment costs and, therefore, it is essential to build a plan to increase your returns. Let’s see how you can boost your profits through mobility solutions.

1. Use The App To Resolve Your Audience’s Pain Points

In order to be successful, your application must be installed and used by a large number of your target audience. The important point to consider is how to encourage these people to download the product on their gadgets. The best way to attract users is by offering an effective solution to a serious pain point being faced by them. Conduct research to find out the major problems faced by your potential and existing customers. Then brainstorm with experts to identify possible solutions to the issue. Get mobile app development services experts on board to understand how the solution can be offered through an application. 

Engaging mobile app developers in the planning process right at the outset will help in creating a product with effective UI and UX. This will improve the prospects of the application being downloaded by your target audience. Make sure that the solution you are offering resolves the issue effectively because only then will users be interested in paying for it.

2. Ensure that Your Mobile App Provides An Optimum User Experience

Mobility solutions enable you to create a constant presence in your audience’s personal devices. They can be powerful allies in increasing your brand’s engagement as well as expand its reach. However, the success of your app depends on the kind of user experience it offers. There are two major native mobile app development platforms namely, iOS and Android. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, iOS users had the option to choose from 1.8 million apps while Android users were presented with 2.1 million choices during the same duration. These two statistics indicate that each category has numerous options for its users.

In order to carve your niche in such a crowded space, it is essential to provide an optimum user experience to your target customers. Entrepreneurs must consult native mobile application development experts for the platforms they are targeting. This will enable them to fashion a product that is aligned with users’ requirements and optimized for their behavior. Offering such a solution will improve the chances of it being used by maximum members of your audience and allowing you to generate more revenue.

3. Offer App-exclusive Deals To Your Customers

Modern-day enterprises are creating a powerful online presence by targeting various digital platforms. People can connect with a brand through its website, social profiles, and mobile applications. A good way to increase your business revenue through mobile apps is to offer app-exclusive deals to your audience. This will act as an incentive for the users to download the solution on their devices. Since they will not be able to avail of the benefits on any other of your digital channels, they will be inclined to install the application. However, it is essential that the offers must be compelling enough to attract potential customers. 

Some businesses also make money by offering in-app purchases to their users. Physical as well as online businesses can use this model to generate revenue. In case, you adopt this approach, then ensure that the shopping experience is quick and seamless. You will have to involve reputable mobile app development companies to design a solution that is optimized for your audience’s behavior.

4. Use In-app Advertising To Drive Growth

Another good way to earn extra revenue is allowing your application to be used as a platform for running adverts. You can partner with advertising networks to run commercials within your app. Ad networks use several criteria for sharing revenue. Some of them will pay you a specific amount for a fixed number of impressions while others will pay only when someone clicks on the advertisement.  There are a couple of factors that must be kept in mind while using this technique to earn revenue. First, your app must enjoy significant popularity in order for it to be an attractive option for advertisers. Secondly, you must ensure that the commercials do not interfere with the overall user experience of the application.

Partner with dependable mobile app development companies in India to identify an effective way to display the adverts without affecting the experience of your audience.  This will allow you to earn money without having a negative impact on your primary revenue generation source.

5. Create An App-based Loyalty Program

Mobility solutions have great potential to be used as tools for fostering customer loyalty. Offering a loyalty program through your app allows you to maximize the returns from an existing user base. An application is a good way to connect with your audience in a personalized manner. According to a survey, a loyalty program can boost your revenue by up to 20%. Offering incentives by communicating in a personalized tone will provide you with a better opportunity to encourage people to subscribe to the plan.

Make sure that your audience can subscribe to it only through the application so that they are encouraged to install it. You can employ gamification techniques that will ask users to complete levels to earn more rewards. You must consult mobile app development companies to devise innovative experiences that can enhance your presence among smart device users.


Smart devices are driving the majority of internet traffic across the globe. It is essential that your business has a strong mobile presence to successfully target and engage your customers. A well-defined strategy can easily increase your business revenue through mobile apps. Entrepreneurs who are looking for profitable monetizing options for their applications can contact SDLC Infotech that is a top mobile app development company in India. Get in touch with the firm to consult experienced app developers for all types of platforms.