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7 Tips To Create The Best SEO Strategy For Ecommerce Business

According to an estimate, the total worth of global retail e-commerce sales by the end of this year will be a staggering $3.45 trillion. Online shopping is turning out to be one of the most popular internet-based activities and is fueling the emergence of new stores. In case, you own a digital outlet or are planning to start one, then you must have a plan to promote it effectively. Search engines provide you with an invaluable source to drive organic traffic towards your website. However, you need to optimize your outlet for related searches to leverage these mediums. Here we are discussing some actionable tips to create the best SEO strategy for e-commerce business ventures. even if you do not hire a top digital marketing company in India, these powerful ideas will help you effectively address one of the key aspects of your digital marketing approach.

1. Conduct Proper Research To Discover Suitable Keywords

Keywords form the foundation of your entire search engine optimization approach and they must be picked carefully. Selecting terms that are aligned with the various degrees of the buying intent of your audience is essential. You will have to identify phrases that are related to your product categories as well as some of the specific items that are generating good interest among potential buyers. Find out the keywords that are being targeted by your top-performing competitors. You can also use tools to unearth appropriate search terms. Once you have identified some basic keywords, find some related long-tail terms that will help you target customers with good buying intent. The best way to discover the right phrases will be by hiring an experienced SEO consultant for the purpose.

2. Create An Intuitive Store Structure

The way your outlet is structured affects its online visibility. Ask experienced digital marketing services professionals and they will tell you that search engines track the amount of time spent by visitors on a website to finalize its ranking. In case, people find it hard to locate what they are looking for, they will quickly leave your store. This will increase the outlet’s bounce rate and negatively impact its sales. Create an intuitive structure where users can easily reach their intended location in 3 to 4 clicks. Make sure that your chosen keywords are used in the nomenclature of the navigation links. This will make it easy for people landing from search results in finding their preferred items.

3. Optimize The Loading Time Of Your E-commerce Website

Page loading speed is a critical factor for building a successful e-commerce venture. It is also used as a ranking signal by the world’s most popular search engine, Google. As internet technologies have advanced, people have become more impatient and do not like it if a web page takes too long to render in their browsers. You must ensure that all the pages of your website load in visitors’ browsers in the shortest possible time. Remember that loading speed is a relative factor and you only need to make sure that your interface is faster than those of your competitors’. Optimize all the product images and other pictures before they are uploaded on your website. You can use a free SEO website auditor tool to completely assess your store’s performance and know its exact loading time.

4. Create Unique And Optimized Descriptions For Every Product

Most merchants use the content provided by the manufacturers in their product description pages. This is an incorrect practice and can hurt the optimization prospects of your interface. When search engines come across content that they have already detected on the product maker’s website, they will downgrade your page for having duplicate material. Imagine the state of your website’s SEO quotient, if the same write-up is posted on numerous other virtual outlets selling that specific item. You must create unique descriptions that are optimized for relevant keywords, for all the products that you are offering through your website. This will create a distinctive image of your website and improve your organic rankings. In case, you feel that composing numerous descriptions is tough, then you can hire digital marketing companies that offer professional content writing services, to do the job.

5. Encourage Your Customers To Post Reviews

Generating reviews from customers is necessary for creating the best SEO strategy for e-commerce stores. Search engines like websites that are regularly posting updated and valuable content. Online stores can ask their users to post reviews about the products they have purchased. This will help in adding fresh material to different pages. Entrepreneurs can motivate shoppers to leave reviews by incentivizing the process. They can offer free coupons, gift cards or free access to a subscription program to encourage them to post their feedback. This will also help online merchants in engaging their audiences and priming them for more sales in the future.

6. Use Content Marketing To Boost Organic Visibility

The top digital marketing services companies in India are investing more in content marketing campaigns than earlier. A well-planned strategy that involves using content to generate interest in a product or service helps in boosting brand awareness and visibility. It also fosters trust and loyalty among the target audience. E-commerce operators must create informative and engaging content that is related to their products or their categories. For instance, if you sell lighting solutions to manufacturing units, then you can create helpful material like “top power-saving lighting solutions for toy manufacturers”. Regularly posting such content will lead search engines to mark you as a source of trustworthy information. This will give a boost to your online presence.

7. Use Structured Data For Enhanced Display Of Your Search Results  

Conduct a search for a product and you will find that some results display extra information in the form of star ratings. Such a visual indicator can encourage users to click on the result before any other item. Once you start generating a good amount of reviews for some products, then you can implement structured data on their pages. It is a piece of HTML code that is added to a specific location on your website which tells the search engine to show the ratings. You can either use tools like plugins for the purpose or hire a professional coder to do the job. Remember that simply enabling structured data is not enough. Google specifically states that the feedback on which the ratings will be based must be posted on your interface and not just on external review platforms.


The emergence of content management systems and other tools has made e-commerce web development an effortless task. However, promoting the outlet among the target is an altogether different ball game. You need the best SEO strategy for e-commerce businesses to improve your outlet’s organic visibility. Our firm is ranked in the top digital marketing companies in India and has an array of experienced SEO consultants and digital marketing experts. Get in touch with us to devise a winning SEO plan for your e-commerce venture.