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5 Trends To Know Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Company In India

Do you want to promote your products or services through digital channels? Promoting your brand on digital platforms requires a focused strategy that must be implemented on various channels consistently. You need a professional service to manage the campaign so that all the specified goals are achieved within the minimum possible time. However, before you start searching for a digital marketing agency in India, it will be better to gain some information about the practice. Online promotion is a dynamic field that is affected by various factors. Technological advancements and changes in audience behavior have an impact on the way marketers try to communicate the promotional message. Here we are discussing some major trends that you must know before partnering with a professional company.

1. Personalization Holds The Key For Marketers

A study says that about 80% of people say that they will prefer a company that connects with them through a personalized message. Gone are the days when marketers could hope to generate new customers through generic messaging. People do not care for common messages and are looking for what a brand is specifically offering to them. When you hire any of the top digital marketing companies in India, then they will use segmentation techniques to divide your audience into groups based on behavior, purchase history, demographics, etc. This will allow them to create custom messages for different sections of the audience. Such messaging has a better chance to resonate strongly with the users and encourage them to make a decision.

2. Conversational Marketing Techniques Will Boost Audience Engagement

Marketers will have to take personalization a step further and integrate conversational promotional techniques in their strategy. The increasing use of chatbots on business websites is a clear indication of this trend. Brands can engage a potential customer into a one-to-one conversation when he/ she visits the website. This allows enterprises to better know about the user’s requirements and pain points. Moreover, since the interactions are taking place in real-time, you can satisfy people’s doubts immediately. People do not like to wait for answers to their queries. Including a chatbot or any other tool for instant conversation will definitely boost your conversion rate. You must partner with a digital marketing company that also offers web development and design services. This will help you in implementing conversational marketing techniques on your website.

3. Visual Search Will Become More Popular

An example of advancement in technology impacting marketing is the growing trend of visual search. You can already upload an image to conduct searches on popular resources such as Google and Bing. Now, online search platforms are taking things to the next level by launching new search tools. Google Lens is a visual search engine that will recognize objects and other things when you use your smartphone’s camera application to capture their visuals. This opens up many options for marketers. People can look for apparel on any other such item to purchase through the service. Digital marketing services experts will soon have to create plans to target users through such applications.

4. Voice Searches Will Continue To Increase

A trend that was affecting the marketing industry last year and is continuing to do so in 2020 as well, is the continuing increase in voice searches. The evolution of smart speakers and voice assistants has made searching an easy process for users. They can now speak a query instead of typing it and listen to the results. Last year all professionals whether at an offshore company for SEO or a full-fledged digital marketing company were targeting featured snippets and long-tail searches to gain popularity in results for such searches. They will have to continue doing so as more and more people are going to invest in using smart speakers and other such devices.

5. Video Will Remain An Important Content-Type For Marketers

Videos are a vital content type for marketers. Over 90% of marketers who used videos for promotions said they gained a new customer because of the tactic. Videos also help in increasing brand awareness by 54%. These figures are hard to ignore and are the reason why all the best digital marketing services stress upon the need for including videos in an online promotional plan. Videos can be used in multiple ways. They can be used for advertising as well as educating the customers. You can use the content type to show how a product is used. Including clips on e-commerce websites gives a clear idea of the product to visitors. All these factors are helpful in boosting conversions.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Leveraging These Trends?

You will need to connect with a reliable and knowledgeable professional to leverage these trends for your brand. SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing agency in India for integrating these trends into your promotional strategy. Here are a few factors that make the company the perfect choice for your online marketing campaign.

1. Experts Who Keep Track Of The Latest Trends

One of the main reasons why SDLC Infotech is the best digital marketing company in India is that the agency has experts who keep tabs on the latest trends. They are constantly studying audience behavior in various segments apart from researching technological advancements. This helps them in assessing how the current situation can affect a campaign. 

2. Strategy Identification Process Based On Your Industry And Audience

SDLC Infotech’s professional digital marketing services include a well-defined strategy identification process for all campaigns. The experts at the company research your specific industry and the target audience and then identify the tactics that will drive the best results.

3. Reasonably-priced Modules For All Types Of Businesses

SDLC Infotech wants to provide high-quality online marketing services to all types of businesses. The company has created various price modules keeping in mind the budget of different types of enterprises. All the modules include the key marketing services and have been designed according to the basic requirements of companies of all sizes.

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