Top 5 Offshore Software Development Company to Hire In 2021

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Enterprises require technological solutions to manage their internal workflows and streamline their external interactions. Your business requires some targeted solutions to conduct all the operations in an optimized manner. It is essential to partner with a reliable development agency so that you can acquire a robust application that is aligned with your specific requirements. Finding the best service provider can be a time-consuming job. We are making your work easier by presenting an offshore software development company list that will be useful for all entrepreneurs looking to get quality work done through outsourcing. Tapping these firms for acquiring custom software development solutions will help businesses get high-quality products at reasonable rates.

What Is Offshore Software Development?

Before we discuss some of the best offshore software solutions providers, it will be pertinent to know a little bit about offshore software development. This practice is used by businesses to delegate their software development projects to agencies that are situated in an overseas location. One of the major benefits of offshore development is a low production cost. Most such agencies are situated in locations where operational costs and other expenses are low. This allows clients to access high-quality applications without Investing a high amount of resources.

Top 5 Offshore Software Development Companies

Let us now take a look at some of the best software development agencies that you can hire in 2021.

1. SDLC Infotech

SDLC Infotech is a trusted name in this field that has been providing a variety of software development services to overseas clients for the past many years. The offshore software development services company is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for top-class digital applications. It has a dedicated custom website development wing along with a separate mobile app development department. The agency provides custom software solutions and is regularly approached by businesses looking for focused technological solutions for CRM, lead management, human resources management, and inventory management. It has hired experts who are well-versed in all the major technological platforms like Java, PHP, .NET, Laravel, and more. These professionals keep track of the latest trends to devise effective software solutions.

The full-service development company is also a well-known name in the sphere of e-commerce website development. Apart from all the widely-used technologies, its experts are also known to use dedicated e-commerce development tools like WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, and more. In addition to companies looking to outsource software development, SDLC Infotech can also be hired by enterprises in search of digital marketing solutions. It has hired some of the best SEO experts apart from social media marketing and content marketing professionals in the industry. The company also helps run targeted email marketing and PPC campaigns. Another helpful service that SDLC Infotech provides is online reputation management that helps businesses project a dependable image. The agency is known for its professional outlook, quick turnaround, and on-time delivery of projects.

2. Advaya Infotech

If you are looking for a trusted custom software development partner, then you must approach Advaya Infotech, which is one of the best places to get high-quality products. It is one of the top software development companies in the USA. The agency has built its reputation on the strength of the consistently high standards of service it has provided to its clients. It has a strong team of knowledgeable developers who provide effective advice to clients looking for information technology-related assistance. The organization is always looking to better its own standards and is now gearing up to provide solutions for Artificial Intelligence or AI-centric environments.

Advaya Infotech has delivered effective and personalized solutions to reputed enterprises in various industries like healthcare, finance, retail, e-commerce, travel, logistics, and many more. The company has hired some of the top custom web application development professionals who are proficient in using all the mainstream technology stacks. It has also enlisted the services of some of the best CMS developers to devise cost-effective solutions for clients within a limited budget. Advaya Infotech provides access to a top-class talent pool and transparent communication system that fosters trust among the clients.

3. Intellias

Based in Ukraine, Intellias is another reputable offshore agency handling outsourced software development projects. It has been active in this field for over 15 years and specializes in developing custom platforms that clients can use to meet their specific requirements. The company possesses expertise in devising cloud-based solutions and software development kits (SDKs) that can be used by other professionals to ease their workflow. It also offers integration solutions that help organizations build a consolidated environment where on-site and third-party applications work in complete synchronization.

The offshore software development company offers end to end SaaS development solutions and successfully creates and integrates all vital elements like web and mobile apps, APIs, data storage, and cloud-based hosting. Intellias has crafted numerous native iOS and Android mobile applications along with cross-platform solutions. The agency has a bunch of talented UI/ UX professionals who are adept at ensuring an amazing user experience for the solution’s end-users.

4. Belitsoft

Belitsoft is based in Belarus and provides top-class custom software development services to overseas clients. It has successfully delivered more than 100 projects and over 50% of its clients hire the company again in the future for other assignments. The company has a core team of over 50 domain specialists who have helped it serve various business verticals like healthcare, e-learning, finance, and telecommunications. This offshore software development services company offers ERP and CRM solutions apart from custom learning management systems.

It has hired professionals who are skilled in leveraging PHP, .NET, Java, and other technologies to devise personalized solutions for overseas clients. These experts have enabled the company to maintain its position in this domain for more than 10 years. Belitsoft can be considered as one of the most dependable offshore software solutions providers in the world.

5. Existek

Businesses looking for custom web application development solutions can approach Existek which is another Ukrainian company. It is adept at devising desktop software, web applications, and mobile apps for all kinds of user environments. The firm uses a structured process to deal with and fulfill client needs. Once a client looking to outsource software development approaches it for a project, the agency identifies the project requirements and outlines a mock-up. It, then, enters into a legal agreement with the client, maps the project and starts working.

It is one of the few web development agencies that use both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, depending upon the nature of the project.  Existek has expertise in using Java and .NET to create robust solutions. The experts at the firm are masters at using all the latest technological tools to generate the best results.

Final Words

Engaging the best offshore software development company is vital for your business. Hiring an inappropriate firm can cause a serious setback to your enterprise. You must identify the specific requirements of your project and then shortlist a few offshore software solutions agencies. Match your needs with the skills of the shortlisted firms to finalize the best one for your project.

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