4 Solid Development Strategies For A Software Development Agency

4 Solid Development Strategies For A Software Development Agency

Software development has evolved significantly over the last two decades. A software development agency can now choose from various approaches to build an application. Selecting the right development method is essential for success. It helps in defining the path of a project as well as the workflow of the agency. Every development methodology uses a set of processes and rules to organize the software building approach. This allows a professional service to complete the task in an efficient manner with minimum errors.

These development strategies not only define the working process for application development but also provide a template for organizing the collaborative efforts of your team members. In this article, we are discussing the various development methodologies that a company can use.

1. Waterfall

The waterfall model is the traditional approach to building software solutions. It includes a simple 6-stage process that starts with the discovery phase. The developer must collect the requirements of the project at this stage. It is followed by design where the architecture of the application is finalized, and coding where programmers start writing the code for the solution. Once coding is complete, testing starts to ensure that all the components of the new tool are working fine. Then the product is deployed in the actual user environment. The waterfall model ends with maintenance where the bugs discovered after deployment are fixed. This is a simple method where every phase starts only when the preceding one has been completed. While a custom software development company will find this an easy-to-implement strategy, there are inherent problems in it. The requirements gathering has to be accurate so that minimum revisions are required. If an error occurs, then the cycle will have to start again. This can lead to delays and cost escalations.

2. Agile

As mentioned before, the waterfall model is not suitable if the agency has less time to deliver the product. The Agile methodology was conceptualized by experts to define an approach that was more dynamic. Instead of breaking the assignment into various phases, the method splits a project into multiple iterations. Each cycle will last about two to three weeks. The various departments working on the project like design, development, testing, etc. do not wait for the other to complete its task to start their own. Instead, a team of professionals from each section is composed and assigned the iterations. The team will design, code, and test its work before moving on to the next iteration. Even if an inconsistency is discovered, the project moves ahead and the error is rectified in the next iteration. This means that an application can be developed after an iteration. Then the software development services will review it and the feedback will act as the foundation for improvement in the next cycle.

3. Scrum

Scrum is not a separate development strategy. It is an Agile framework that is used by software development agencies. You must have understood by now that Agile specifies that teams with cross-functional abilities must handle the iterations. Scrum is a strategy that allows teams to quickly take the necessary actions forced by changes suggested after a review. A team will plan a sprint for the defined period of the iteration that can range from 1 to 4 weeks. It will list the tasks to be completed during the sprint after a value and risk assessment. Then daily scrums take place where each member points out his/ her progress report, next day’s plans, and impediments. A demo is conducted to identify the improvements after the iteration and to identify any new inconsistencies. Retrospectives are held after each from where the team discusses the takeaways from the completed iteration and what can be done in the next sprint. Scrum is ideal for an experienced software development agency with a disciplined workforce.

4. Kanban

Kanban is also an Agile framework. It was developed by Taiichi Ohno, an engineer at the Japanese automobile giant, Toyota. Software development companies will find this methodology is more flexible than the Scrum model. It involves a kanban board that has a to-do list. The board can have separate sections for development, testing, and deployment- each with its own set of tasks that are known as user stories. A product owner leads the team and once a task is completed, it will pick a user story from the unfinished tasks and put it on the board. It does not have sprints like Scrum but it does follow the pattern of daily meetings apart from demos and retrospectives. Kanban is simple to implement and focuses on individual tasks. It is also more flexible than Scrum but it requires strict discipline to achieve the results. If the team is not led efficiently, the project can easily lose its way. A good starting point for software development company services will be the support department. They can use it for maintenance tasks and once they get the hang of it, the strategy can be used by the development team as well.

Why SDLC Infotech Is The Best Software Development Agency For Using All These Methods?

Most professional services have moved away from the traditional waterfall model and are using the Agile methodology to handle their workload. But the technique requires skills and expertise. A software development agency has to hire professionals who have used the methods before and are aware of the associated challenges.

SDLC Infotech is the best software development agency in India for using these techniques. Here are a few reasons that make it the ideal development partner for all businesses.

1. Professionals With Experience Of Different Development Methodologies

SDLC Infotech’s custom software development services in India are handled by expert professionals. These coders and managers have worked extensively with all the key development methodologies like Waterfall and Agile. They are also skilled at using the Scrum framework to drive projects.

2. Knowledge Of The Latest Technology And Tools

SDLC Infotech is one of the few software development companies in India that is constantly enriching its knowledge of the latest technology and tools. The agency does not hesitate in investing in solutions that can improve its productivity and quality of work.

3. Transparent And Clear Communication With Clients

SDLC Infotech’s offshore software development services are based on trust and transparency. The agency knows that development projects can sometimes run for months. It ensures that regular and clear communication channels are established so that clients are always in the loop about their project’s status.

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