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A 5-Minute B2B Website Audit

A 5-Minute B2B Website Audit

Many website owners make the mistake of bombarding their audiences with multiple options at once. Just imagine you open the homepage and see clickable links and CTAs everywhere. You will be overwhelmed by the choices and get confused about what to do next. Experienced professionals suggest providing as few options as possible to users. This will facilitate quick decision-making. A web app development company in India with expertise in conversion-oriented design says that a full screen welcome gate with a single call-to-action is a smart tactic. Applying it on the home page will encourage more visitors to take the desired action.
1. Conduct Audience Research to Understand Navigation Flow
Experienced professionals start work on a new project only after researching the competition and the target audience. Looking at competitors’ websites helps they identify useful ideas for the new project. Studying the audience gives them an insight into their requirements as well as their likes and dislikes. Do your customers prefer a certain navigation plan? Are they partial towards a specific image type? These are important questions that must be considered at the outset. Most web development companies in India and elsewhere create a layout shaped like the letter “F”. This is because research shows that users tend to read a browser screen in an F-shaped pattern.